Kiko Sushi bar


Are you on the go, but want quality and nutritious food? These Bento Boxes will surely meet that need.

(Dine-in and lunch hour only)


Bento Box A

Sushi (1 California roll) , tempura (1 shrimp and 3 veggie), chicken, salad, fruit, and rice


Bento Box B

Salmon roll, tempura (1 shrimp and 3 veggies), chicken or beef teriyaki, fruit and rice


Bento Box C

Avocado roll, veggie tempura (4 pieces), green salad, spicy agedashi tofu, and rice


Bento Box D

Tempura (1 shrimp and 3 veggies) California roll, yakisoba (noodle), wakame salad and spicy agedeshi tofu


Bento Box E

FULL California roll, barbecued salmon, green salad, fruit and rice