***Hours During Pandemic***

Tuesday to Sunday: 4:00pm – 8:30pm

Thank you for supporting our family restaurant during this time. Wishing you and your loved one’s wellness and happiness.

Mother’s Day At-Home Dining Experience

Three families have come together to provide your family with an incredibly fun and tasty dining experience for the awesome person in our lives – mom!
Sushi! Cake! Crime Solving!!!

Mother’s Day is around the corner and we partnered with two awesome families to offer you a thrilling Mother’s Day experience that she and the family will never forget! Choose between two great options:

    1. Mother’s Day Meal for 4
      1. Edamame
      2. Wakame Salad
      3. 4 Miso soup
      4. 20 pieces of Sashimi
      5. 8 pieces of Nigiri
      6. Kamakaze and Zen Maki rolls (16 pieces)
      7. Teriyaki (chicken)
      8. YakiUdon (Vegetarian)
      9. 2 bowls of rice
    2. Mother’s Day Meal for 2
      1. Edamame
      2. 2 Miso soup
      3. Chicken Karaage
      4. 20 pieces of Sashimi
      5. 8 pieces of Nigiri
      6. 1 Mango Paradise roll (8 pieces)
      7. 1 bowl of rice
    3. We have a selection of drinks on promotion including specialty imported sake, Japanese whiskey, wine, and craft beer. Feel free to inquire about what is available upon placing your order.
  • Mother’s Day Cake from our Carmelito Cafe family
    • Mommy deserves fine baked goods after some fine Japanese cuisine. Choose from a not-so-boring Vanilla or delightful Strawberry Mother’s Day cake!
  • Virtual Escape Room from our Escape Manor family
    • Gordan Gawans, a high-level official from the United Nations has been abducted. As a new team of detectives looking to make a name for yourselves, you apply cunning, prowess, and a strong desire to succeed as you dive into the case…
    • The entire family can enjoy this entire experience for a special Kiko price of $10!
  • Mother’s Day hours: We will be serving our special from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm

Dinner for 4: $160*
Dinner for 2: $100*
Pre-order and pre-pay via telephone by 8:30 pm, Friday, May 8th 

*tax not included

Pre-order by calling us at 613-695-3143 from 12 pm – 830 pm
Please note we are closed on Mondays.

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December 24th: 11:30am – 14:30pm AND 5:00pm – 8:00pm

December 25th: CLOSED

December 26th: 5:00pm – 11:00pm

January 1st: CLOSED

Fine Dining in Artisan Japanese Cuisine

Located in the heart of  Little Italy section, Kiko Sushi Bar offers a wide range of culinary delights including appetizers, sushi, sashimi, freestyle rolls, teriyaki, noodles, donburi and desserts. It is with great pride that all their sauces are made in-house, such as their teriyaki and ponzu sauce. They have a variety of specialty rolls that have inspired a whole new generation of fine Japanese artistry. With over 140 different items you are sure to find many satisfying choices of your favourite food – be it seafood, beef, poultry or vegetarian.